Why choose Hill Top Equestrian?

Tamara Weal, yard owner is a BHSII qualified instructor recently retired from 30 years of competing at CCI*** level bringing many horses up through the ranks from young horse classes to successful and consistent top competition horses.

Tamara brings her in-depth knowledge across in her coaching and has a well-trained eye to pick up on positional faults and imbalances in both the horse and rider.  She can also help by riding or schooling the horses too.  It can be really helpful to watch and then ride again to try to achieve a similar result improving your feel.

Whether it is to help improve your knowledge and understanding to have more of a toolkit to help you educate your own horse or just to improve your own riding, we provide a professional environment in which to learn and improve your equitation.  A superb indoor arena with the help of mirrors and super surface all helps!

There is always an element of consistency in her approach to dressage, grid work, show jumping and cross country preparation and training which comes from her own riding experiences and that of all her input from many excellent teachers that she has been trained with throughout the years.