Our History

Tamara’s background with horses is in depth from the early beginnings as a pony Club member attaining her A test and competing as an individual in the Open Horse Trials at the National Championships.

She first trained with Felicity Mann BHS I in the Pony Club and went on as a working pupil to do the BHS exams.  During this period she set up a small riding school to fund her eventing interests and then went on to work for Jane Allen BHS AI who provided many mounts for continuing her eventing career.  Eventually, Tamara moved to the Salisbury area where she set up her own yard with the help of Ann and Mick Humphrey until moving to Pitton Hill Farm and setting up Hill Top Equestrian with her husband.

As well as her interest in eventing, Tamara has always had a horse friendly and classical training approach to her training with the horses.  She has been lucky enough to have been exposed to many great trainers and horsemen throughout her riding career.  Having a great interest in the classical art of dressage and the Iberian horses through her brother living in France,  enabled her to do some training with Phillip Karle, former Ecuyer in the Cadre Noir and Dany Laye, former student of Nuno Olivero.  In Portugal with Phillipa Valencia and Mario Menosa who still comes over to the UK to train at our yard.

Thanks to the Training Teachers of Tomorrow Trust, she has had the opportunity to train with Alex Cookson and Andrew Murphy and ride on the their international clinics with Charles De Kunffy (Riding Master and Dressage Judge,) Herwig Radnatter, (Senior rider in the Spanish Riding School,) Stephen Clarke (FEI Olympic Dressage Judge,)  Captain Mark Phillips (former Olympic medalist in eventing) and Pat Burgess (former show jump team trainer.).