Riding Simulator – “Lancelot”

It is widely recognised now that having lessons on a mechanical horse can be hugely beneficial to your riding.

It offers a unique opportunity to work solely on your position and most importantly, learn the correct use of your seat.   It is an ideal way to boost your confidence either if you are learning to ride or coming back from injury or having a break from riding.

Tamara uses “Lancelot” to replace the traditional lunge lessons which are so valuable in sculpting the riding position.  “Lancelot” is situated in a fully mirrored room and having the aid of the mirrors and someone right next to you to help, it is a great tool for correcting any crookedness in the riders position and an enormous help to work on your alignment.

Whilst you are in a training session, there is theory taught about correct riding and then allowing you to try to put this into practice so it is very useful when mastering either the basics or when learning about lateral work, canter seat or just general education of the equitation.

Sessions can be tailored individually depending on your requests and we also do riding club and group lessons where we can do a sit on “Lancelot” and then ride your own or my school masters to then get a feel of the improvements in the live lesson.

It is an excellent top up to your winter training when the weather can restrict your riding at home.